Video Marketing Content Stats

Are you looking for a strategy to improve your sales numbers in the coming months? Just about every salesperson could use a boost in leads and sales, though achieving that can be difficult. Fortunately, Terri Murphy is ready to share her expert tactics to helping you become a more successful salesperson. Whether you are in… Continue reading Video Marketing Content Stats

Intentional Communication

Finding a strategy to boost sales is often easier said than done. After all, there are a lot of different things that go into a successful sales pitch. Of course, tweaking how you sell to your customers can make all the difference in the world, especially if you are getting advice from industry experts. Terri… Continue reading Intentional Communication

Terri Murphy Power Partnership Interview

Are you ready to take your sales to an entirely new level in the near future? For those who are struggling with this, it is never worth giving up hope on the situation. In fact, it can be something as minor as a quick tweak to your sales pitch to get everything rolling in the… Continue reading Terri Murphy Power Partnership Interview

Solve Your Brokerage Problems

There are many common problems that each industry faces.¬†And, those that are able to overcome them, stand the best chance of success. If you are able to figure things out before your competition, you can leave them in your dust. Those in the brokerage industry have a couple of major obstacles standing in the way.… Continue reading Solve Your Brokerage Problems

Social Media Marketing To The Generations

It can be easier said than done to stand out in the crowded sales industry. After all, regardless of what you’re selling, there are other people out there offering the same product. So, if you aren’t standing out in your presentation, what incentive do people have to choose you? Terri Murphy knows that the right… Continue reading Social Media Marketing To The Generations

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses (Final Part)

Have you experienced an unusually slow start to your business year? The sales industry can be a fickle place, and if you aren’t careful, business can come and go without warning. However, a shift in your sales approach may be just what you need to get things back on track. Terri Murphy is an expert… Continue reading Social Media Tips For Small Businesses (Final Part)

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses (Part 5)

When the customers hold the power in an industry, things are difficult on businesses. And, in the sales and real estate industries, your clients have a number of professionals to turn to. So, if you aren’t finding a way to stand out above the crowd, you may find that getting ahead proves difficult. Fortunately, Terri… Continue reading Social Media Tips For Small Businesses (Part 5)