Use A ‘Slight Edge’ To Bring Back Old Business & Win New


Are you ready to take your sales to the next level? There are many possibilities that can make an impact on your bottom line. And, in the sales industry, sometimes it just takes a minor tweak to your approach to make a major difference. Terri Murphy is ready to show you how engaging and dynamic presentations can help prove your worth to potential clients. She would love nothing more than to see an improved sales pitch help take you to the top of the industry.

Would you like to find a way to bring back old clients, acquire new ones, and build up a Power List? Terri Murphy recently shared an article from Michael Krisa, who discusses Don Hutson’s slight edge principle. If you are ready to give your business the best chance for success, consider these tips from the piece:

  • Create a list of past clients, friends, family, etc.
  • Send them a personal letter to get new business.
  • Give your previous list of clients a meaningful reason to get back in contact with you (such as a coupon).
  • Follow-up with regular contact.

These practices can help you dominate the industry, with help from both old and new clients. When it comes down to it, it really may just take a tweak to your sales pitch in order to experience better results. And, Terri Murphy is ready to work with you throughout the process, as you and your sales team learn critical skills for success. Don’t put up with mediocre sales numbers for another month, when you have access to an industry expert. Contact Terri Murphy, today, and see how easy it is to get things started.

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