Terri Murphy To Speak At 2017 Unstoppable Influence Summit


Believe it or not, there is barely a quarter of the year left. With time flying, it is a great time to assess your business year. And, while there may not be enough time left to reach your goals, there is still enough time to turn things in the right direction. Are you failing to reach the kind of real estate sales numbers that you know you’re capable of achieving? Let Terri Murphy help bring your sales pitch to a new level, as you attempt to move up the industry ladder.

There is no doubt that Terri Murphy is revered for her speaking skills. That is why she is no stranger to big events and conferences, and she has recently been announced as speaking at another. The 2017 Unstoppable Influence Summit will feature a number of fantastic speakers, including Terri. The event takes place in Boise, Idaho on October 13-14, and tickets are going fast. If you would like to see an incredible conference, be sure to check out the few seats remaining.

Are you ready to take some strides in the later portion of the year? Terri Murphy can help you figure out a sales strategy that works for you. She knows it isn’t easy to move up through the industry, but that hard work can help you achieve it. So, don’t put up with mediocre sales numbers for another month. Contact Terri Murphy, today, and get the process started.

For more information visit http://www.terrimurphy.com or http://www.terrimurphyonrealestate.com

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