‘Coming Soon’ Listings Gaining Steam


Are you having trouble taking your sales to the next level? You know you are capable of more than your current numbers. But, it can be hard to realize your full potential, especially in the real estate industry. After all, there are a ton of competitors looking to take your business. That is why Terri Murphy knows it is critical to prove your worth with engaging and dynamic sales pitches.

In many areas, the current real estate market is low inventory and high demand. That has led to an increase in the “coming soon” listing, as discussed by Agents Boost.

  • Time – With high demand, sometimes listings aren’t able to appear for enough time (for all parties involved). If you want the chance to increase exposure for your brand, a coming soon listing will prep the market, without an instant bid.
  • Offers – When people are able to look at a property before it’s available, it increases the chances of multiple bids. And, obviously, this can lead to the competition necessary for a great sale.
  • Seller – The seller gets multiple benefits from the coming soon approach. They will save time when the listing moves faster, and will have a much better chance of generating more money in their pocket.

Has the time come for you to see record numbers in the coming months? Your best chance of achieving that is to be proactive, and ready to learn. Terri Murphy knows what it takes to get to the top of the industry, and she is ready to share her secrets with you. Find out how engaging and dynamic presentations can make you their “go to” salesperson! Contact Terri Murphy, today, and get the process started.

For more information visit http://www.terrimurphy.com or http://www.terrimurphyonrealestate.com

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