Video Marketing Content Stats


Are you looking for a strategy to improve your sales numbers in the coming months? Just about every salesperson could use a boost in leads and sales, though achieving that can be difficult. Fortunately, Terri Murphy is ready to share her expert tactics to helping you become a more successful salesperson. Whether you are in the real estate industry, or any sales field, you can take advantage of her advice. She also knows it is important to market yourself well, which is why she shared a Hubspot blog, discussing video marketing statistics to know.

  • Form – What is the best format for your marketing video? Comedy wins the day at 39%, followed closely by news and music at 33% and 31%, respectively.
  • Enjoyment – Think making your clients laugh isn’t a big deal? Enjoyment of a video ad increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%!
  • Time – Don’t forget that you have a limited time to capture your viewer’s attention. Though 5% of people will stop watching after one minute, 60% are gone by the two minute mark.

It isn’t always easy to build up extra attention in the real estate and sales fields. However, video marketing can be a critical tool to utilize, if you want more eyes on your brand. Terri Murphy is ready to help show you how a tweak to your sales pitch can help make you their “go to” salesperson again. She knows that engaging and dynamic presentations can prove your value to even the most difficult clients. Contact Terri Murphy, today, and get the process started.

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