Social Media Tips For Small Businesses (Part 4)


Has 2017 been kind to you and your business thus far? Even if your year hasn’t started out as you had hoped, there is still more than enough time to turn things around. However, that time should start now, and the right sales pitch adjustment can really make all the difference in the world. Terri Murphy knows that you aren’t going to get to the top of the sales industry by accident. It takes a lot of hard work, as well as branding yourself well on social media.

  • Schedule – It can be helpful to grab a scheduling tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite. These programs can save you hours of time, as you won’t have to go on social media every day to post blogs. Just schedule when you want a post to come out, and you’re all set.
  • Engagement – If your customers are reaching out to you on social media, don’t ignore things! It is always best to reply to inquiries and comments, but at the very least, like what they wrote.
  • Cross-Promotion – Everybody can use a little help standing out from the crowd. And, your tactic could include cross-promotion with a local organization. When done correctly, both parties come out ahead, and audiences can be shared.

It isn’t easy to stand out in the crowded real estate and sales industries. But, the right changes to your sales pitch can really go a long way towards turning your fortunes around for the better. Terri Murphy would love to show you how the right engaging and dynamic presentations can prove your worth to your customers. That way, you don’t have to settle for average results for another month! Contact Terri Murphy, today, and get the process underway.

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