Real Estate Agents Need To Market On Twitter (Part 2)


We have finally reached the last week of 2016. This time, next week, it will be time to focus on getting 2017 off to an excellent start. And, in the sales and real estate industries, you know things rarely slow down for very long. You need to be ready to help your customers find their dream home, while making sure everybody involved obtains a good deal. Today, we continue our look at why Twitter marketing is so important for real estate agents, and how to effectively use it.

  • Hashtags – When used correctly, hashtags can increase your visibility by a big margin. Even if it isn’t related to your business, you can score points by creating an entertaining tweet that captures one of the current trends.
  • Sharing – There is a lot of good content out there, but it doesn’t help if nobody can see it. When sharing content on Twitter, make sure to include a picture, utilize relevant articles, and don’t be afraid to share other people’s content (not competition).
  • Cold – The days of cold calling are pretty much in the past, but Twitter allows you to form connections out of thin air. And, it ends up being a lot more personal than something like a mass email.
  • Monitoring – Twitter allows you to easily analyze your own tweets with their analytics tools. This can allow you to figure out what type of messages work with your customers, and even the time of day to focus on.

Are you ready to take your sales to another level? The new year is a perfect time to set your resolutions, and make good things happen. Terri Murphy is ready to show you how engaging and dynamic presentations can help build your brand into a more impressive entity. She has been to the top of the sales industry, and knows the tactics that can make you successful. Contact Terri Murphy, today, and get the process started.

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