Online Training Can Benefit The Brain


Are you not quite hitting the sales numbers that you had hoped for this year? Those in the real estate and sales industries know how much competition there is, and how tough it can be to win business. However, gaining the right skills and knowledge can go a long way towards helping you move up in your field. That is why Terri Murphy offers a number of teaching services, including online sources of information. And, as recently discussed in a Training Industry article, the brain can learn in important ways during online training programs.

  • Learning – Humans do a good job of learning by repeating what we observe. This is very conducive to online training, as videos and other lessons are presented to be mimicked in your job environment.
  • Chunks – Our brains are easily distracted, especially during extremely long presentations. Online training generally offers many short courses, that allow you to learn, and then take time to get away.
  • Subconscious – We process and store information during sleep, which is a great time to reinforce lessons from the day. In addition, when you don’t have to worry about engaging someone in conversation, you can focus more fully on learning.

There is no doubt that it takes work to get to the top of an industry. However, the right skill set can give you an edge on your competition, and separate you from the average salesperson. Terri Murphy is ready to show you how engaging and dynamic presentations can draw customers in and create lifetime business relationships. Don’t put up with mediocre sales results for another month! Contact Terri Murphy, today, and ask any questions that you have.

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