Reasons To Bring In Your Professional Home Photographer


A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how important a professional home photographer can be for a real estate listing. Because so many people are looking at the listing online, pictures can completely determine whether someone wants to come see a property or not. High quality photos can even boost the eventual sales price, and lessen the duration of a real estate transaction. Still need reasons why it pays to bring in the right photographer to capture your real estate listing? Inman discussed the reasons why a professional home photographer is worth the price.

  • Direction – A professional photographer understands the parts of a home that need to be captured. You won’t find random pictures of the toilets, but you will find a reasonable amount of high quality interior and exterior photos.
  • Staged – A home needs to be staged for photography to invoke the right emotions. Remember, people need to be able to envision themselves living in this place. That means a poorly furnished home is as bad as an empty one. The right production can make a home look much more desirable.
  • Angles – When it comes to these photos, every last detail is critical. Only a professional photographer knows how to capture the perfect angles, lighting, and levels to make a picture that much more perfect.

Are your listings selling for a lot less than you think they should? Are you tired of the process taking longer than expected? Terri Murphy knows that the right photography can go a long way towards helping both of these issues. She also wants to help you set up dynamic and engaging presentations that will take your business to the next level. Contact Terri Murphy, today, and ask any questions that you have.

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