Secret Components Of A Successful Business Plan


With 2016 more than halfway done, it is a great time to evaluate how your year has gone. Whether you have struggled to meet your expectations, or blown away your wildest dreams, there is always room to take things to another level. And, those in the real estate industry know how important each and every listing can be. Are you struggling to gain the amount of customers that you need to be successful? Terri Murphy wrote a blog at the beginning of this year, that still holds importance right now, discussing secret components of a successful business plan.

  • Mindset – The first step towards making a more successful business plan is changing your mindset. Write down a goal and then double it! Studies have shown that our biggest barrier is our own mind.
  • Plan – Next up comes actually making your plan. Big dreams are a great start, but you need a proper plan to make things a reality. Identify some of the strengths and weaknesses of your plan, identify where you need help, and get some assistance on areas that aren’t your strong points.
  • Habits – Embrace your productive habits in order to stay focused. Expect the unexpected, make time for prospecting, and practice mindfulness. Your success will come down to the choices that you make!

Do you need some help taking your business to the next level? Those in the sales and real estate industries have tons of competition, and need to work hard to stay ahead. Terri Murphy performed at the top of the industry during her decades in the business, and she is ready to help you achieve your goals. She can show you how dynamic and engaging presentations can go a long way towards standing out from the competition. Contact Terri Murphy, today, and ask any questions that you have.

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