Strategies To Wow Sellers & Win Real Estate Listings


Are you having trouble winning your fair share of real estate listings? If you aren’t going about things in the proper way, it is tough to come out ahead. However, the right techniques can help you impress sellers, and land the listing you have been chasing. Terri Murphy knows how important each and every client can be, and that is why you have to work hard. To that end, Terri has provided secret strategies to wow the seller and win the listing every time.

  • Beforehand – Is your first meeting with your prospective client the first exposure they have to you (besides a phone call)? If you answered obviously yes, you aren’t thinking outside the box. Set up a pre-appointment package (to be delivered) that contains information about the services and strategies that will be unique in their experience with you.
  • Package – Do you have your package ready to go? Make sure it is delivered before you ever meet with your prospective client. This will ensure that they are prepared for your eventual first meeting, and that they are well acquainted with your name and brand, before they even see you for the first time.
  • Presentation – On the big day (first meeting), impress your client by having your presentation ready to go. Technology allows you to share ideas for virtual tours, Facebook events, and more. Be ready with an available paper CMA for those clients who are more analytical.

Being prepared can go a long way towards landing you that listing. And, once you get the hang of going above and beyond for your clients, you will start to see more and more results. Terri Murphy made her way to the top of the sales industry with dynamic and engaging strategies that drove success. When you work with her, you are giving yourself a great opportunity to learn from an expert. Contact Terri Murphy, today, and get the process started.

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